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Flush-It® Septic Care®
Keep your septic tanks, grey water systems, grease traps, pit toilets and drains working efficiently...
...Get rid of the nasty smells and pools of offensive drainage water!

Easy to use - no measuring or messy handling, just drop one small water soluble sachet into the toilet once a month.
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Flush-It is a harmless naturally occuring, environmentally safe, sewerage digesting micro-organism. For all septic systems, anaerobic (air absent) and aerobic (air present), to solve problem septic and grey water systems, cesspools, grease traps, drains, garbage disposals, pit toilets, manure pits, compost heaps.
NEW!!   Compost-It
Save money - Transform your kitchen & yard waste into a valuable asset - COMPOST.
100 gram spout pouch makes 20 X 20 litre bags of compost.
NEW!!   Grease Gone®
Prevents Grease Trap Build Up.
Powerful organic grease eating bacteria.
Safe & Easy to Use.
Saves you money.
New!!   Drain Power®
Powerful natural concentrate cleans drains naturally.
Chemical free & breaks down soaps, fats & oils in the system.
New!!   Flush-It Traveller®
Chemical Free for your portable toilet. Created for the eco aware traveller, camper, hiker, biker or RV user. Easy to use water soluble sachets.

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