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FLUSH-IT® Septic Energiser is a consumer product originally designed for industrial and municipal waste treatment facilities. Eight different strains of bacteria were selected from nature for their unique digestive properties. They were allowed to adapt to adverse conditions through selective breeding. The result is a combination of Superior Bacteria® able to survive and digest detergents, hydrocarbons, sulfur compounds, phenols, and paper. This is in addition to carbohydrates, fats and proteins digested by ordinary bacteria found in ordinary products. We've packaged FLUSH-IT® Septic Energiser in convenient and easy-to ­use water soluble pouches.

Ordinary bacteria are killed by high concentrations of detergents, disinfectants and hydrocarbons. These pollutants, if not broken down, will enter your leach field, soil and eventually the environment. They can interfere with proper digestion in your septic tank and may poison the bacteria in the soil around your leach field, causing flooding, slime, odors and finally failure.

FLUSH-IT® Septic Energiser has been used successfully since 1992 to prevent and solve many problems with septic and greywater systems, dry wells, cesspools, grease traps, drains, garbage disposals, outhouses, RV and pit toilets, manure pits, compost piles and more. In addition to homeowners, our clients include bed & breakfasts, motels, hotels religious retreats, summer camps, boarding schools, trailer parks, restaurants, farms, cheese making facilities, adult homes, apartment houses and others.

Bacteria are all around us, on us and even inside of us. Although some bacteria cause disease, the number of strains of beneficial bacteria far outweighs the number of strains of bad (pathogenic) bacteria. If it weren't for bacteria, we'd be up to our eyeballs in dead bodies and waste. There would be no milk or cheese. We would not be able digest any food anyway.

Your septic system depends on bacteria to help keep itself alive and efficient to break down organic matter. Anaerobic (air absent) bacteria break down waste in your septic tank. Aerobic (air present) bacteria digest waste in your leach field, dry well, above ground digester, trickle filter, pond or lagoon, depending on the system you have.
Today's cleaners contain detergents, solvents and other chemicals that are deadly to the beneficial bacteria needed for proper digestion and biodegradation of organic waste. Every time you shower, wash clothes or dishes, you send high concentrations of detergents and other chemicals into your septic system. Disinfectants, deodorant soaps, toilet bowl cleaners and even mouthwash can kill beneficial bacteria. These pollutants pass through your septic tank, leach field and eventually into the environment. Contaminated leach fields, dry wells and lagoons become "bio-dead" and prevent the ground from absorbing and breaking down effluents. Before FLUSH-IT© was introduced, the only products available were "extended" powders or "watered down" liquids with low bacterial populations or "plate counts". These products were limited to the digestion of proteins, starches and fats. Rid-X® added cellulose (paper) digesting bacteria in 1994.

Forget About Ordinary Powders
Common powders contain ordinary bacteria at low to very low concentrations. Aerobic (air present) bacteria are utilized in leach fields, dry wells, and compost piles—places where oxygen is present. Anaerobic bacteria (air absent) are utilized in closed, airtight systems such as your septic tank. ONE HALF OUNCE pack of FLUSH-IT© contains as many bacteria as 109 POUNDS of RID-X® and 7,700 POUNDS of Septonic®, the triangular shaped box from Canada. Enforcer® Septic Tank Treatment has 1/10 the bacteria that is found in FLUSH-IT®. Septic Helper was not analyzed. These values were reported verbally by a KRANE PRODUCTS representative. Septic Helper is not available in stores. It is, sold exclusively by telemarketing. The shelf life of powdered (vegetative) bacteria is actually a half-life of two years. This means that after 2 years, half the bacteria remain active and after another two years (four years), half of half (25% or 1/4) remain active.

Forget About Ordinary Liquids
Liquids are usually watered down and sometimes contain detergents, glycols and perfumes. Their shelf life ranges from 6 months to 2 years, depending on storage conditions and formulation. They are limited in their use because the bacteria are present in the spore state (versus vegetative in powders) and are limited to common bacillus types that cannot adapt to adverse conditions. Bacillus species are limited to the digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats under ideal conditions. Comparing the anaerobic plate counts reveals that ONE HALF OUNCE pack of FLUSH-IT® contains as many bacteria as 30 QUARTS of Roebic® K-37.

Forget About Enzyme Products
Enzymes are catalysts that help break down large molecules into smaller molecules. They work sort of like the catalytic converters in automobiles, to cut down on air pollution. The inexpensive enzymes are protease, amylase and lipase and are common by-products of the food and beverage industries. They are limited to the digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Some products claim they have added enzymes to jump-start the bacteria. The problems with enzymes are that they are easily poisoned (like catalytic converters) and are efficient only in certain pH and Temperature ranges, and in the presence or absence of certain ingredients. Adverse conditions found in septic tanks and leach fields are not exactly favorable conditions. Conditioned specialized bacteria produce their own specialized enzymes to help break down large molecules to digest the materials bacteria use as food.

Forget About Once A Year Treatments
You can't expect a once a year product to maintain your septic system after a full year's abuse. Even if it were possible, a sudden release of buildup could certainly cause problems down the line. A monthly maintenance approach prevents problems, rejuvenates your system and biodegrades pollutants before they enter the environment.

The Difference Between FLUSH-IT® & Ordinary Bacteria
Not only are there more bacteria in FLUSH-IT®, there are better bacteria.
FLUSH-IT® bacteria are more efficient and more effective than ordinary bacteria. They actually digest pollutants that kill ordinary bacteria.

The Superior Bacteria in FLUSH-IT® Septic Energiser
* offers bacterial populations in the billions instead of millions or thousands per gram
* is packaged in pre-measured water soluble half-ounce packs
* uses a blend of vegetative and spore form bacteria
* uses facultative bacteria (both aerobic and anaerobic)
* uses multi-strains of bacteria (8 selected strains of naturally occurring bacteria)
* is available to consumers from municipal and industrial waste treatment "growers"
* includes monthly calendar reminders for scheduled monthly maintenance

FLUSH-IT® Septic Energiser is the premier septic tank treatment:
* Will rejuvenate Septic Tanks and Bio-dead Leach Fields
* Is safe, helps the environment, and easy to use
* Removes foul-smelling odors
* Liquefies and digests solid organic matter
* Biodegrades pollutants other products can’t touch
* Helps keep drains and pipes clean
* Digests paper and vegetable matter
* Is natural and surfactant-free
* Produces it's own enzymes as it digests pollutants
* Doubles in numbers every 20 minutes if food and water are present
* Cost cents a day to prevent and resolve septic system problems
* Reduces frequency of pumping

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